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Hello my name is James Lawson and I have been a Japanese Sword and Japanese Sword fittings collector for over 30 years. I am passionate about Japanese Art and have devoted a significant part of my life to studying and learning about Japanese culture and art. I travel to all the major sword shows yearly and to Japan multiple times yearly to further my knowledge and collection. I have been very fortunate to have met some wonderful people in this hobby and have had the opportunity to have had mentors along the way who forgotten more than I will ever know. 
The study of Japanese Swords and fittings is a lifelong pursuit and I hope to continue to approach it as a student no matter how long I study. This website is a compilation of knowledge and occasionally a commercial endeavor to pass things along from my years of collecting. 

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NBTHK- Japan Lifetime Member 
NBTHK-AB Board Member 
JSSUS Japanese Sword Society of the United States 
NCJSC - Northern California Japanese Sword Club